Jimmy Kimmel Mocks 'Weak' Trump: 'There's Clearly Something Going On'


Jimmy Kimmel Buffoons ‘Weak’ Trump: ‘There’s Plainly Something Going On’

Jimmy Kimmel believes there’s something incorrect with Donald Trump following the president’s uncommon speech at West Point this weekend where he had a hard time to hold a glass of water and had an uncomfortable walk down a ramp.

“No president in the history of this country has ever taken a weirder drink of water than this,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host stated, describing this minute:

“Is that one of the side effects of hydroxy?” Kimmel asked. “What is up with his hand? Did he hurt it holding the Bible upside down?”

Kimmel stated there’s plainly something happening with Trump’s “weak” arm.

“He’s like a witch sipping out of a goblet full of toadstools or something,” Kimmel stated, then hypothesized that Trump’s arm– thus lots of other ex-employees– simply didn’t wish to work for him any longer.

Trump likewise left the phase with a sluggish and uncommon walk down a ramp:

“Maybe the bone spurs are acting up,” Kimmel broke.

“That was weird, right?” Kimmel included. “We can only hope he steps down that gracefully after November.”

See more of his monologue listed below:

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