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Gossip & Rumors: Jennifer Lopez Clarifies 'orange Drink' Bodega Order

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Jennifer Lopez clarifies ‘orange drink’ bodega order after backlash

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An orange drink has never stirred up so much drama.

Jennifer Lopez’s Bronx go-to bodega order went viral in March after the singer mentioned an “orange drink” that “if you know, you know.” 

However, New Yorkers did in fact not know about the drink, and they ruthlessly roasted Lopez, 54, on social media.

Jennifer Lopez in the Vogue “73 Questions” series. TikTok / @whoisadiv
Jennifer Lopez naming her Bronx go-to bodega order. TikTok / @whoisadiv
Jennifer Lopez explaining her sandwich order from a Bronx bodega. TikTok / @whoisadiv

Some of them visited different Bronx bodegas to find the unspecified orange drink, and shared their failed experiences on TikTok.

After staying quiet about the topic for two months, Lopez elaborated on her favorite orange drink — and acknowledged the fan backlash that came with it — in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar published Wednesday.

Jennifer Lopez loves a side of chips from a Bronx bodega. TikTok / @whoisadiv
Jennifer Lopez confused New Yorkers with her orange drink order from a Bronx bodega. TikTok / @whoisadiv

“Haha, I know that there was a lot of talk about it,” she said. “But the orange drink was basically …  it’s just a plain orange drink.”

Lopez continued: “It came in a little plastic container with a little bit of aluminum foil over it. And it wasn’t called anything except orange drink or grape drink or whatever. There was orange, a grape, and a fruit punch.”

“And that’s why I said, ‘If you know you know,’ because you bought it in the bodega and I used to go after school and get that for like… I mean, this is many, many years ago, it was worth 25 cents, and I got it with a bag of potato chips,” she added. “And that was like my after-school treat for myself.”

Jennifer Lopez for Delola Spritzes & Cocktails. Greg Swales/House of Delola/MEGA

Lopez talked about her go-to bodega order from the Bronx in her 2022 interview with Vogue for their “73 Questions” series.

In the footage, she said that she’d ask for a ham and cheese on a roll, a small bag of chips and an orange drink — adding about the unspecified drink, “If you know, you know.”

When the clip went viral, New Yorkers decided to search for the orange drink at Bronx bodegas. One TikToker went to Adam’s Deli and copied Lopez’s order, but the orange drink was nowhere to be found.

“I don’t know!” she said in the video. “There’s a million orange drinks! We have Crush, we have Sunkist.”

Jennifer Lopez for Delola Spritzes & Cocktails. House of Delola/Mega

Another TikToker posted a video noting that his non-American followers asked him to explain why so many New Yorkers are making fun of Lopez’s bodega order. 

“What’s funny about this is not so much that it’s technically incorrect,” he said. 

Little Hug Fruit Barrels. Bassett’s Market

“It’s that it is generic to the point of unintentionally being really comical. Like, this would be like, if someone were to ask you, ‘What is your go-to fast food order?’ And you were to say, ‘a cheeseburger, with a cola-flavored soda — if you know, you know — and a small order of fries.’ That’s what it sounds like. You would be like, ‘What are you talking about? What do you mean?’ ” 

While unconfirmed, Lopez’s favorite beverage was seemingly a Little Hug fruit-flavored drink, which are still sold today.

Little Hug Fruit Barrels. Amazon
Little Hug Fruit Barrels. Amazon

Orange drink aside, Lopez has been in the headlines recently for her alleged marital issues with husband Ben Affleck, 51.

The couple were not seen together for 47 days before the rumors took on a life of their own.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards. CBS

It was reported that Affleck was staying at a separate house from Lopez, who was seen house hunting without her husband. The “Let’s Get Loud” singer also attended the premiere of her Netflix movie “Atlas” by herself.

On May 20, Page Six reported that Affleck has “come to his senses” about his marriage to Lopez “and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

The A-listers got married in 2022 after calling off their first engagement two decades earlier.

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