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New York: Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Maui Musings: Finding the right schedule in a long year

Maui Musings: Finding the right schedule in a long year

KAPALUA, Hawaii (AP) – There are 32 gamers in the Sentry Competition of Champions who will take the 30-minute flight to Oahu next week for the Sony Open, the 2nd leg of the Hawaii Swing.

That may be a record number any other year. Simply not this one.

The winners-only start to the year at Kapalua is now puffed up with gamers who reached the Trip Champion due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic that expense the PGA Trip 3 months of play. That included 16 gamers to Maui for a 42-man field.

10 gamers are not playing next week, which is normal. For the Sony Open, it doesn’t assist that 6 of those gamers are amongst the leading 10 in the world, beginning with Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas.

Johnson has a hectic West Coast when he returns from Saudi Arabia. Rahm has actually played The American Express every year given that he turned professional and is a previous champ. Thomas is headed for an abroad trip prior to playing in Abu Dhabi.

They all can’t be all over, though it appears most everybody wishes to be at Kapalua – a strong field without any cut, spectacular views, brief days, excellent vibes.

The elite, no matter how long they’ve been around, attempt to tailor their video games for the greatest weeks.

Xander Schauffele matured in San Diego and chooses the West Coast, which is where he will invest the majority of the next 2 weeks “and then kind of wiggle out to Florida when I have to.”

Patrick Cantlay is another Californian who now has actually established camp in Jupiter, Florida, thus numerous other gamers who invested adequate time in school to comprehend how taxes work. He is more worried with how he plays than where he plays, specifically as it associates with getting ready for the majors.

“Playing well is the best place to get ready for the places that I’m headed, and for me that’s playing places I like,” he stated. “So I’m going to play a decent amount, like the California swing, and play some of my favorite events. And other than that, it’s just prepping really well for the majors.”

Tiger Woods was the master at structure a schedule for the majors and his own video game. Even when healthy throughout his peak years, he balanced simply except 22 starts a year worldwide. He generally dealt with the greatest fields. He was constantly fresh.

Cantlay appears to prefer that method. He may have been guilty of not playing more last year, and it was especially difficult for him when he missed out on the Trip Champion by what totaled up to one shot. Simply don’t anticipate him to develop into Patrick Reed or Sungjae Im, who never ever appear to take a break.

“I feel like quality over quantity’s big for me,” Cantlay stated. “So I would rather show up to every week feeling like I’m totally ready to go than ever feel like I’m on the road and wishing I was home.”


PGA Trip gamers were not unsusceptible to the spike in COVID-19 cases over the holiday.

Jim Herman needed to withdraw from the Competition of Champions when he evaluated favorable. Herman is in the field next week at the Sony Open.

Schauffele and Webb Simpson almost joined him in losing out on Maui.

Schauffele evaluated favorable on Dec. 18, and after his self-isolation, he had the ability to make it to Kapalua. He felt a little rust from needing to go 10 days without practice, and his shins were injuring Friday from strolling the hills on the Plantation Course. However he can’t grumble about being 11-under par over 2 days, beginning the weekend 3 shots out of the lead.

Simpson truly cut it close.

Among his 5 kids had a cold right prior to Christmas, and Simpson figured he got whatever was ailing his child. However as he became worse, Simpson chose a COVID test and the result returned favorable on Dec. 28, right about the time he was losing his taste.

That implied no practice at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, and just a couple of times slipping into the backyard to swing a club. He completed his self-isolation in time to fly from North Carolina to the middle of the Pacific, getting here on Wednesday afternoon. 2 days later on, he was 5 shots out of the lead.

“Thankfully it worked out, the timing of it, where I was able to play this week,” he stated. “Happy to be here.”

He still can’t taste anything. That’s obviously not impacting his video game.


Scottie Scheffler was in high school when he got a Nike VR Pro 3-wood in about 2011. He utilized it throughout high school in Dallas, put it on the bench for a couple of years in college at Texas, and has actually utilized it given that turning pro.

So picture how he felt a week ago Saturday at Royal Oaks in Dallas when he was preparing yourself for the brand-new year and the club split.

“I had my wife pick up about 10 3-woods from the house that were all backups, and she brought them to the range,” he stated. “We found something that could work for the week.”

He has actually gone to a Callaway in the meantime and he’ll figure it out from there. However this resembled losing a pal. Scheffler stated his old 3-wood didn’t have a great deal of loft so he might flight it down, and it was softer than the more recent clubs.

“When I wanted to hit it far, I just teed it up a little higher, hit it higher on the face,” he stated. “I got to know the club really well and for me, I knew exactly what I needed to do with it each time.”

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GOLF NEWS: Maui Musings: Finding the right schedule in a long year

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