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Facetime: NFL coaches have learned lessons on face masks

Facetime: NFL coaches have actually discovered lessons on face masks

After the Las Vegas Raiders handed the Kansas City Chiefs their very first loss in 337 days, Jon Gruden took a seat for the postgame videoconference appearing like a Wild West criminal.

“Can I take this off?” he pleasantly asked his public relations male prior to slipping off his black bandanna face mask.

Gruden used the face covering effectively in all however 3 of the 50 times he was revealed on the CBS broadcast Sunday, and throughout 2 of those disobediences he rapidly pulled it back over his nose.

That was a 180-degree switch for Gruden, among 5 NFL head coaches fined $100,000 last month for stopping working to comply with the league’s mask guidelines.

Recently versus the Expenses, Gruden was revealed more times (20) breaching the NFL’s coronavirus security guidelines needing noses and mouths to be covered than he was displayed in compliance (19) with the COVID-19 mitigation procedures.

The other coaches who were dented — and their groups docked $250,000 — for inferior mask likewise discovered their costly lessons.

They all began complying in Week 3, when Broncos coach Vic Fangio started wearing a face guard like Andy Reid. Saints coach Sean Payton was using his mask effectively 32 of 35 times he was revealed on the telecast recently versus the Lions, and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was 100% in compliance throughout the 35 times he was revealed versus Philadelphia.

And Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had his mask on recently versus Miami for all however a handful of sideline shots. He, too, pulled it back over his nose the majority of those times he was displayed in offense.

This is a good idea not just for their wallets and track records however for the league as an entire due to the fact that the Tennessee Titans’ COVID-19 mess started with an assistant coach screening favorable for the infection last month.

It reveals the coaches and gamers are all in this together.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who last spring ended up being the greatest sports star to reveal he’d contracted the coronavirus, stated he’s not amazed the league’s mask required left to a rocky start.

“It’s just humanity, it’s not one person’s fault,” stated Miller, who intends to return from an ankle injury in December. “It’s difficult to get everyone on the very same page. You see individuals not even playing sports, you ask to use a mask and they go all insane. They state, ‘They’re removing my flexibility.’

“When it comes over to football, it takes time to get everybody aware. Everybody’s experience is different with COVID-19. I’ve had the virus. I know how serious it is,” Miller stated. “I keep my mask on. I walk and attempt to keep everyone safe.

“You have somebody that doesn’t have anybody affected by the virus, it doesn’t hit the same with them. It takes time and an awareness to get everybody on the same page,” Miller included. “I don’t blame the coaches for not wearing masks. It just takes a little bit of time to get everybody on the same page.”

That, and some substantial fines.


Tom Brady has actually plainly overcome his gaffe.

The Buccaneers quarterback praised LeBron James on his 4th NBA title and NBA Finals MVP award Monday by teasing his fourth-down flub that sealed Tampa Bay’s 20-19 loss to the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

“Congrats to my brother @KingJames on winning his 4th championship. Not bad for a washed up old guy!” Brady tweeted with a doctored image that had James’ face on Brady’s body holding up 4 fingers.

Brady appeared like he misplaced downs when he tossed a long insufficient pass to a well-covered tight end on 4th down when a check-down pass to his running back quickly might have gotten the initially down and kept the Bucs’ last-minute drive alive.

When the Bears trotted back onto the field in event, a puzzled Brady held up 4 fingers as he asked the main something. Later, Brady ducked concerns about whether he hadn’t recognized it was 4th down.

Brady’s brain lock naturally got the meme treatment on social networks with numerous posters recommending he wasn’t the very first brand-new Floridian to have a senior minute. Steelers pass receiver Chase Claypool trolled him Sunday after scoring 4 goals, publishing a picture of him holding up 4 fingers with a puzzled look a la Brady.

Brady revealed he can make fun of himself when he praised James – and at the same time advised everybody he’s not that bad himself for a fellow “washed up old guy.”


With contributions from AP Sports Author Pat Graham.


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