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New York: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Chiefs bonding through pandemic in bid for Super Bowl repeat
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Chiefs bonding through pandemic in bid for Super Bowl repeat

Throughout a regular season, a number of the gamers on the Kansas City Chiefs defense would leave the center after a long day of practice and conferences and head to security Tyrann Mathieu’s home for weekly Thursday night celebrations.

Some would be playing cards in the corner. Others enjoying the NFL video game on TELEVISION. A lot of wings would be consumed, specifically by those huge protective takes on. They would laugh and joke, go over the major and not-so-serious.

“We’re just bonding. We’re just talking,” Mathieu discussed, “about how we grew up, life outside the game. Talking about relationships, motivation. A lot of different conversations take place at Tyrann’s place.”

The Super Bowl champs needed to discover other methods to bond this season, however.

With the specter of COVID-19 towering above them every week, the Chiefs were required to avoid such parties in order to keep the infection at bay. They would go through the exact same practices and conferences, albeit socially distanced, however then spread at the end of the day, each heading house to their households or animals or an empty home to wait for another day of work.

Those bridges that are constructed throughout voluntary summertime exercises were never ever set up, since those summertime exercises never ever occurred. Those bonds that formed throughout minicamp never ever emerged, since there was never ever a minicamp. All of those long, hot practices at training school still took place, however it wasn’t rather the exact same – there was no rough-housing in the cold tub after an exercise, or good-natured ribbing in the dining hall, where gamers rather needed to consume in little groups.

What the Chiefs did have was the high-end of lots of returning gamers.

The majority of those close relationships were created last season, when Patrick Mahomes and Co. led the Chiefs to their very first Super Bowl title in 5 years. And while a couple of gamers left in totally free firm, the large bulk of the lineup returned undamaged, permitting them to basically get where they ended when the season lastly started.

They should have been strong: All the Chiefs did was parlay them into a 14-2 record, the No. 1 seed in the AFC and a first-round bye, permitting them to have today off prior to the divisional round of the playoffs.

“They like each other, being around each other. It helps,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “I’m not saying everything is always roses. It’s like a family. You get in, you talk through things, you talk everything out, but in general, there’s a certain strength you build with time, and I think these guys have developed that, and they laugh and cry together – one of those deals. And they have a good feel on when to bear down and when to mess around. That becomes important.”

Also important: Those veterans willing to take the rookies under their wing.

Running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, linebacker Willie Gay and the rest of the Chiefs‘ first-year players didn’t have those bonds from last season, nor did they have a typical offseason to build them. But the locker room leadership worked hard to incorporate them, despite social distancing and other hurdles that had to be overcome.

“We didn’t have those Thursday nights at Tyrann’s house,” Mathieu said, “so these young men have taken it upon themselves to carry themselves in a way that’s respectable. Being around those guys, every day I feel like I’m the oldest guy in the room. I feel like I get a lot of life from those guys.”

They’ve also found ways to have fun, even if it’s not in-person card games. Just look at Twitter, where there’s been a running gag in which players find an old, often funny and rarely flattering pictures of a teammate to use as their profile pic. Mahomes even drew a chuckle from Reid when he posted a picture of Big Red from his playing days at BYU.

“I told Patrick, ‘Thanks for letting me feel young for one more day,’” Reid said with a droll grin. “I mean, that was great. So, I had hair, the whole deal, actually veins in the arm. That’s not bad.”

The kidding isn’t just among stars, either, a testament to the close-knit nature of the entire locker room. Take tight end Travis Kelce, who posted a picture of sun-burned practice squad wide receiver Gehrig Dieter from college.

“You can talk and do those different types of tings, you just can’t be around people for long periods of time, which is definitely different,” Mahomes said. “This last week in practice, we were letting the (backup) guys get reps and me and Travis were off to the side. I’d talk to him, walk away for a little while, talk to him again, move away. Which can be a good thing. You end up talking to everybody on the team, not just one or two guys.”

Maybe the pandemic has helped the Chiefs to form those bonds after all.


More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/NFL and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

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FOOTBALL NEWS: Chiefs bonding through pandemic in bid for Super Bowl repeat

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