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Fmr. Supervisor of DOD Aerospace Risk Program: “UFOs are Actual” 🤪


One thing extraordinary was revealed at the moment. Former high-level officers and scientists with deep black expertise who’ve all the time remained within the shadows got here ahead on one platform. These insiders have long-standing connections to authorities companies which can have applications investigating unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP/UFOs). The group features a 25-year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, a Lockheed Martin Program Director for Superior Techniques at “Skunk Works”, and a former deputy Assistant Secretary of Protection for Intelligence.

At the moment marked the official launch of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTS/AAS) an revolutionary Public Profit Company which can advance analysis into unexplained phenomena and develop associated know-how. It has established three synergistic divisions: Science, Areospace, and Leisure. “We believe there are discoveries within our reach that will revolutionize the human experience,” says firm President and CEO Tom DeLonge. Please see my earlier story,- launched yesterday – for background on at the moment’s announcement which was live-streamed and is archived on the corporate web site.


At the moment’s launch of the TTS/AAS

In accordance with a TTS /AAS assertion, its group members who’ve been “operating under the shadows of top-secrecy for decades” consider that “there is sufficient credible evidence of UAP that proves exotic technologies exist that could revolutionize the human experience.”

This might signify the start of a pattern in direction of a brand new openness on the a part of the U.S. authorities. These peopel know greater than any of us, and they are going to be releasing vital information on UAP sooner or later. As an investgative reporter with a protracted standing curiosity on this topic, who has labored with a number of Academy group members previously, I used to be proven a few of this information at a gathering with them on Oct four.

Current for that 4 hour assembly was Luis Eiizondo, who ran an vital program on the DOD. Elizondo is a senior profession intelligence officer whose expertise consists of working with the U.S. Military, the Dept of Protection, the Nationwide Counterintelligence Government, and the Director of Nationwide Intelligence. He served because the Director for the Nationwide Applications Particular Administration Workers within the Workplace of the Secretary of Protection. He’s additionally the previous Director of Applications to research Unidentified Aerial Threats for the Workplace of the Secretary of Protection.

“Lue will architect partnerships with some very sensitive places, to help protect us and the technology involved, so we may achieve for you the extraordinary,” DeLonge stated at at the moment’s occasion.

Lue [the “nickname” for Luis] had resigned his place on the DOD actually the day earlier than we met. I used to be capable of confirm who he was and what his duties have been on the Pentagon. He acquired the best commendations from his superiors. I used to be informed that vital unclassified information and documentation are anticipated to be launched via the Academy’s on-line Group of Curiosity (COI) in collaboration with the US authorities, which shall be arrange quickly.

I requested him if these unidentified objects have been thought-about to be threats. “They did not exhibit overt hostility,” he stated. “But something unexplained is always assumed to be a potential threat until we are certain it isn’t. On the bright side, I believe we are closer than ever before in our understanding of how it operates,” he informed me.

On the occasion at the moment, Elizondo defined his work this manner: “I am accustomed to being involved in close-hold, nuanced programs involving national security. This includes being a Counterintelligence Special Agent, a case officer, and intelligence practitioner. However, by far the most interesting effort I was involved with was the topic of Advanced Aerial Threats.”

He acknowledged that he ran “a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies.” His job at TTS/AAS shall be “to work as a liaison and interlocutor in the collection of this information for the Science division, allowing us to collect facts for analysis.” How will this be finished? A method is thru the COI, which can “provide a platform for the detection and triangulation of phenomena events in real time, and allows two-way communication between the public and our team regarding this information.”

On account of his place managing the DOD program for nearly a decade, Lue stated “I learned that the phenomena is indeed real.”

Briefly, much less that two weeks after leaving the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo confirmed that UFOs are an actual; they exist, they usually have been formally documented. Can anybody argue with this truth now, given the place this man comes from and what he is aware of?

A former excessive rating DOD official – who solely left his place final week – has confirmed that an official UFO Program exists, answering a query so many have debated and speculated about for many years.

It is extremely vital to grasp that Lue does not converse for the DOD, since he’s now not employed there; he speaks independently as a part of the TTS Academy.

Lue additionally acknowledged: “We are also planning to provide never before released footage from real US Government systems…not blurry, amateur photos, but real data and real videos.” And much more vital: “We are inviting our Government colleagues and friends in Defense to participate regularly with their own findings.”

One other member of the group, Stephen Justice, an skilled aerospace engineer, defined that he’ll use scientific disoveries in regards to the journey of UAP via house, demonstrating nearly unimaginable know-how, to develop know-how that may change the world. Steve just lately retired as a Program Director for Superior Techniques at Lockheed Martin after a thirty-one 12 months profession within the Skunk Works.  “How dare we think that the physics we have today is all that there is,” he informed me in an interview a number of days in the past. The chance right here, as he sees it, is to “stand in the future and look back.””

Steve’s goal is to reap this superior know-how to construct a automobile that can enable for nearly instantaneous journey via land, air, oceans and house, by engineering the material of space-time. Such a automobile might additionally float, like one thing from science fiction. Steve says we have now had glimpses of the science that might make this potential. It’s not exterior the realm of possibiity, if the required sources are in place.

A TTS Academy concept for a vehicle drawn by Stephen Justice, embodying the technology they seek to understand and develop -

© 2017 Stephen Justice

A TTS Academy idea for a automobile drawn by Stephen Justice, embodying the know-how they search to grasp and develop – a visionary idea for a revolutionary electromagnetic automobile based mostly on know-how noticed in unidentified aerial phenomena

TTS Academy member Chris Mellon served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Protection for Intelligence for 2 administrations, and early in his profession drafted the laws that established the US Particular Operations Command at a time when terrorism was not but on the radar. He offered an outline of a 2004 incident involving the plane provider USS Nimitz which was detected on two separate radars.

“Two F-18s approach, the four aviators see that the object has no wings or exhaust — it is white, oblong, some 40 ft long and perhaps 12 ft thick”, he stated. “One pilot pursues the craft while his wingman stays high. The pilots are astonished to see the object suddenly reorient itself toward the approaching F-18. In a series of discrete tumbling maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics, the object takes a position directly behind the approaching F-18.”

The prolonged occasion occurred in broad daylight off the California coast, and gun digital camera footage was taken. At one level the item went from hovering at 80,000 toes to dropping at supersonic speeds, and got here to an entire cease at 50 toes above the ocean. “More F-18’s are dispatched but with similar results,” Mellon acknowledged. “The secret machine easily evades the F-18s. Dozens of military personnel aboard the various planes and ships involved are privy to these interactions.”

Tom DeLonge’s last message at the moment sums up the place of all concerned: “No one person, one government, or one hidden institution should own this information and technology.”

The TTS Academy intends to launch game-changing data of the sort peopel have been looking for for a very long time. “The fact is, we might not necessarily be alone,” Luis Elizondo says. “Now is the time to move forward and try to answer some of life’s deepest mysteries.”

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