Quite recently Donald Trump announced the deployment of the military to guard and maintain security at the Mexican border, where the wall is being put up. The wall which will cost an estimated $10 billion, will run from the state of California to Texas. 1000 miles is the estimated length of the great southern wall. So, what good will come out of the construction of this Mexican wall which Donald Trump has been planning right from the beginning? How will it positively impact the U.S citizens and economy?

Well, first of all, this wall will bring about a halt to the menace of illegal immigration, which has been happening over the decades. Even if the illegal immigration does not cease totally, the number of illegal immigrants will decrease immensely. Illegal activities such as drug trafficking which has been going on for years will reduce drastically because of the Mexican wall. The task of smuggling drugs from Mexico to U.S.A will be very difficult, and the chances of getting caught at the border by the patrolling officers will be higher. Other activities which abuse human rights, such as human trafficking in and out the U.S.A will reduce.

In addition to that, the Mexican wall will bring about a sense of security amongst the citizens of the USA. A physical barrier makes one feel much safer. Hard drugs, which are smuggled through the border, will also have a hard time reaching the markets. A drug-free society is considered safe since there is no impaired judgment amongst the people.
Furthermore, the U.S.A economy will be boosted. The budget will not include higher costs associated with dealing with immigration. The costs of healthcare, education and social welfare will reduce significantly, due to this Mexican wall border. On an average, an illegal migrant receives about $24,721 annually from the government aid, whereas the tax generated is half of that. So, lesser is the number of immigrants, the more the government will save money used on them.
Heavy patrolling which is always emphasized on the border will become more comfortable. Now the patrolling is done physically by officers with a little help from the military. Once the wall is complete, there will be many positive effects on the patrolling system. The Mexican wall will be more than a physical barrier since the surveillance will be boosted with cameras and sensors. Border patrol officers will be at ease with their work since they won’t have to undertake miles and miles of patrolling.
With all the above arguments, there is no doubt that the Donald Trump Mexican wall will be beneficial to the U.S.A government as well as the citizens. This was something Donald Trump had in mind even before he was elected as the 45th president of the United States of America. To add on to that, the idea of building the Mexican wall, also motivated many citizens to vote for Donald Trump. Citizens of the USA deserve to feel safe and secure from all illegal activities and drugs.


Mexico Wall Advantages and Disadvantages

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