A Few (Jihad Terrorist) Individuals Of High Net Worth

We hear endlessly concerning the financial distress of the “Palestinians” in Gaza, and the West Bank, or concerning the wretched situation of those that proceed to dwell within the “refugee” camps of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria. We be taught of their excessive unemployment charges, however not about why, most reluctantly, Israel has felt compelled to now not admit any Arab staff from Gaza, and to restrict, and exhaustively vet, these from the West Bank who’re nonetheless let into Israel to work. For the Israelis won’t knowingly admit into their midst individuals who appear decided to do them hurt, regardless of how a lot the U.N. disapproves. The Israelis realized that the menace degree from guest-workers coming from Hamas-ruled Gaza was a lot greater than that from staff coming from the West Bank — tens of hundreds of such staff enter Israel every day, although information studies might nicely lead you to be unaware of that reality — and full ban on Gaza staff was essential. Israel’s critics lambast the state when it refuses to let Arabs in to work, and lambast the state when it lets them in, complaining that these Arab staff are exploited. In reality, the Arab staff are paid precisely the identical quantities as Jews doing the identical jobs and, moreover, obtain twice what they might be paid in the event that they labored within the “Palestinian” territories.

And past these guest-workers with their Israel-level salaries, there are spectacular tales of success among the many “Palestinians”; these rags-to-riches tales need to be acknowledged because the marvels of financial achievement that they’re. Pride of place goes to Nobel Prize winner Yassir Arafat, who at his demise was stated to own a fortune of at the least $1 billion, and probably as a lot as $three billion. He had an elaborate system for diverting funds contributed by international donors for the “poor Palestinians”; he additionally accommodated those that needed to purchase affect with him — everybody from the Saudis to the KGB added to his vertiginous take.

Mahmoud Abbas has not been fairly as profitable as Arafat. But he hasn’t completed in any respect badly, contemplating his circumstances.

First, he doesn’t command the unchallenged allegiance, as Arafat did, of all of the “Palestinians.” Hamas, which controls Gaza, opposes Abbas and the “Palestinian” Authority; Abbas’ writ runs solely within the West Bank. Nonetheless, he has completed a creditable job of serving to himself. According to Arafat’s financial adviser Muhammad Rashid, Abbas had taken at the least $100 million, as of 2014, from the help funds meant for the “Palestinians.” Second, Arafat was the “Palestinian” chief, that’s chief of the PLO, from 1969 to his demise in 2004, which gave him 35 years to pile up his billions. That’s greater than twice so long as Abbas has been in energy, and as a consequence, his fortune runs solely into the a whole lot of tens of millions. How way more he has added to that 2014 estimate of $100 million prior to now 4 years will not be recognized, however many “Palestinians” have been scandalized by the continued degree of corruption and have even dared to protest a few of Abbas’ extravagances. Public outrage pressured Abbas to surrender his specially-built $17.5 million greenback Presidential Palace, and to rework it into the National Library. The Palestinian Authority introduced earlier this yr that it had bought an opulent non-public jet for Abbas with $50 million in public funds, inflicting an outrage, however in that case, Abbas didn’t retreat; he was decided to maintain his $50 million greenback jet, and he has. A Coalition for Accountability and Integrity, staffed by “Palestinians” who’re decided to doc the rampant corruption of which Abbas, his sons, and others in his circle, have been responsible, has now been fashioned; the code of omertà, which saved “Palestinians” silent about corruption amongst their leaders lest such expenses may inadvertently assist Israel, has now been  damaged.

Abbas has  been a dutiful and loving father, serving to his sons Yasser and Tareq to amass a enterprise empire which as of 2014 was value at the least $300 million. It is predicated on Abbas’ personal industrial ties, and his invaluable political connections with states and huge firms worldwide, each of which have benefited his two sons’ enterprise issues.

Abbas’ sons personal a big enterprise consortium known as “Falcon” that has taken over a lot of the West Bank’s commerce and its labor market. Abbas relentlessly promotes the group, and he has organized for favorable circumstances that give the “Falcon” group benefits over enterprise rivals.

The Falcon concern has a number of constituent firms, together with :

The Falcon tobacco and cigars firm.

The Falcon electrical energy and mechanical contracting firm (it has branches within the West Bank, Jordan, and the UAE).

The Falcon worldwide media firm.

The Falcon normal funding firm, whose income complete $60 million.

The Al-Mashrek insurance coverage firm, which has 11 branches within the territories with a value estimated at $35 million.

The Al-Khayar al-Awal firm for tasks and growth, headed by Yasser Abbas.

Tareq Abbas is the Vice President of Corporate Affairs of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC). He can also be Chairman of the Board of Sky Advertising, Public Relations and Event Management Company, Vice Chairman of the Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers, and President of the Palestinian Advertising Association.

As if all these authorized companies weren’t spectacular sufficient, Tareq Abbas is a tireless entrepreneur, stated to have smuggled antiquities overseas from the West Bank. He additionally offers in land within the West Bank and the promoting of economic concessions.

Given that the estimated figures of $100 million for Abbas, and $300 million for his sons, are 4  years previous, it’s possible that the Abbas household fortune by now’s value a half-billion . That’s not a nasty begin.

And there may be another person who deserves to be acknowledged as nicely for his “business” acumen. Though born Lebanese, he’s in his fundamental line of labor an honorary “Palestinian.” I imply, in fact, Hassan Nasrallah, the chief of the Lebanese Shia terrorist group, Hezbollah. This group, whereas energetic in Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, sees its fundamental navy process as threatening Israel from southern Lebanon, the place it might now possess as much as 150,000 rockets. This May it was revealed in  Al-Ittihad, an Arabic-language newspaper printed within the United Arab Emirates, that Nasrallah had amassed a internet private value of round $250 million from his group’s unlawful drug smuggling operations.

According to the report, which depends on senior Lebanese authorities sources, the scope of his fortune was found inside the framework of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration investigation in opposition to Hezbollah, which except for its designation as a terrorist group additionally operates as one of many largest drug cartels on this planet.

Yassir Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, Tareq and Yasser Abbas, and Hassan Nasrallah — it’s a formidable listing of High Net Worth Individuals, an inventory that should be recalled, the subsequent time somebody complains concerning the financial misery of the “poor Palestinians.” And there are nonetheless others, not fairly so excessive up within the hierarchy and due to this fact not fairly so well-heeled, who’ve been serving to themselves to giant quantities of the “Palestinian” help cash. Arafat is gone, together with just a few billions of that stay unaccounted for. But Abbas and his sons, Nasrallah, and others proceed to make out like bandits, which is totally becoming, for that’s precisely what they’re.

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